Enjoy Endless Streaming on Viu

Movie watching is a passion for most of us and we learn a lot about everything. Watching movies and Tv shows are now so easy with the help of streaming services like Viu apps. Viu is a good app I mean I use it almost every day and have finished a lot of the shows but I believe more people would want to watch it and pay for it. I’m pretty sure a lot of people will be happy to binge watch all the movies and TV shows on Viu. It’s a win-win for us and then they grow and we get more of our favorite shows and movies.

Regional TV Shows

Viu has amazing tv shows to binge watch over and over again like all the regional TV shows, Hindi webseries and much more, they also have really good movies. After about a year of the movie is out in theaters, they will put it on Viu. Viu does an excellent job of keeping up with the new movies and shows that we all love.

Download on the go

We all LOVE Viu! And let me just say, I am nothing short of astonished. The Viu originals are pure gold! Also very easy to download Bollywood movies. I won’t be changing to any apps anytime soon! No pop-up ads are the best part. And even if you offline you can download stuff to entertain your kids or siblings during road trips! The price is amazing and the service is just as great.

Convenient and Easy

I love Viu you can watch your tv shows anywhere. You can create kids profile for kids too so they can watch Viu as well. This is the best place to watch shows! Overall this is an awesome place and I watch it every day. Thanks for all the new addition of Hollywood movies and shows. I love Viu so much! My favorite show is 13 Mussoorie!. It has all my movies and shows I watch on regular TV.

Best UI for Seamless Entertainment

Really well-designed app with lots of cool features. I love the app there are so many different options to chose from and there are tons of seasons in each show. The one thing is I hope they Tamil movies on there that would be awesome! It’s great to have different things to watch for a low cost! Love the fact that old movies are being added and when you watch a certain movie and if you like it Viu will recommend similar titles.

Viewing Experience

I have had a great experience with Viu. The sound is great I can listen to everything and if I want to, I can put the subtitles to understand better. The visual is great and clear. I LOVE IT!

Bottom line is it’s great and I use it all the time As you know summer is coming up and my parents got rid of cable so now I only have Viu and what I used to do during the summer was watch latest movies at for the summer. Viu is absolutely amazing! There are a few shows/movies that are only here, Best to watch all the originals and have a lot of fun.