Enguru, an English learning app.

Mobile applications play a very vital role in our modern day life. They help us to save our time like never before. In fact, it is impossible to imagine life without the same. English learning apps are a part of the category of learning apps.

Presently, in the google Play store there are numerous English learning apps. Also, the number of people interested to learn the language has increased very rapidly. English as a subject is widely respected and preferred as a medium of global interactions. The impact of the language is such that people all over the world want to learn the same. Sooner or later, the mobile applications were destined to enter this category. In this piece of article we would talk about one awesome English learning app known as the enguru. And it would be worth mentioning that this is a free live English learning application.

Let’s us now look at the English learning app in detail.


The design is as good as it can be. Very neat and modern are the right terms to use. The user interface is very friendly and so anyone can install it and start learning, practicing and writing English language.


The features of the Enguru application are fabulous ones. There are too many important ones but we would put into focus some top features.

  • Live English learning Courses including 599 levels in grammar.
  • Videos are featured that help in learning the concepts of grammar.
  • Educative games that help to learn concepts of grammar and have fun at the same time.
  • Offers live sessions from the qualified teacher of Cambridge.
  • It provides a great platform to practice spoken English. The conversation tests are good enough. Your pronunciation can improve through practice and dedication. For rest, Enguru has all the materials to help.
  • Learning English language is comfortable if allowed to do so mother tongue. ENGURU offers the facility or the platform where you can do the same. You can learn English from various regional languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali,etc.
  • You can refer the app and earn coins that can be redeemed. Also, it helps you to learn and assess the performance as a group.
  • Enguru serves as a platform to offer you the best possible facilities that help you in learning the English language.

The benefits are numerous. Enguru is a complete app. We would here look into some of the benefits.

  • It is free and works as it is supposed to do.
  • Guidance from qualified teachers .
  • Comfort of learning English from your mother tongue.
  • Well planned English course that has 599 levels. Each course includes two activities. First you can learn the concept and then practice the same.
  • Fun games that help to learn.
  • Videos that help to learn the concepts.
  • The live conversation tests are helpful. They help you to speak properly.
  • Helps you to learn forming sentence fast and properly.

Enguru is one of the best Live English learning apps. But there are some cons to it. Common ones are.

  • Slow to launch from time to time.
  • The voice recognition issue exists.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t work at all.
  • Enguru conversation tests are not liked by all due to the slowness in initialization.

Reasons to get it now.

  • No other English learning app is as comprehensive as this one. It covers all the aspects of English grammar, writing and speaking.
  • Learning English is made fun and easy through fun educative games.
  • The facility of learning English from your mother tongue makes the app very desirable.
  • The ease with which English learning goes ahead is never seen before one.
  • You can form a group with your friends and start learning English together right now.
  • Keeping a track on your and your team’s progress is very easy. It is a good platform.

Final words.

English language is the most widely used languages in the world. You need to be good enough at writing, speaking and reading the same. There are many English learning apps but here we have analysed a very good Live English learning app known as Enguru. As already discussed, it introduces some very innovative ways to learn the English language. The features like live sessions from qualified teachers, educative videos and games are all worth mentioning. It is in all aspect an ideal English learning app.