What Users Think of Protectstar Android & iOS Data Shredder

Some of the user feedback read:

Had it for five minutes and purchased the whole app a couple of things I would like too see on an update ASAP please I wish you had the option of calling your battery down like the one on android had and two close out unnecessary programs running in the background other than that love your product keep up the amazing work! You guys rock definitely worth the five dollars with in 15 mins I cleared up 6 GB of memory on my phone thanks a bunch to your amazing data wipe software for android


“If you are photogenic or one of the capture the moment type of Individuals. This App is the one for you. I just cleared 1,000 duplicate photos clearing up space on my iPhone as well.


At first I was skeptical so I checked “recently deleted” to my surprise everything looks good. 10/10 a few people are upset regarding the in app purchase but in my opinion it’s worth it! Thanks you protectstar you nailed it!” I love how you Have added more reasons why we can have confidence that our security is being watched .. especially from those who are compromising website ! In time .. online security will be able to close down persons who use online to harm others financially. while in the progress ..you have been ( taking notice of how information is communicated online from unscrupulous acts and warn their targets while it’s in progress) 💝) . Thank you for watching👁♥️‼️ I love my iPhone and iPad to be protected at all times.

I recently purchase protectstar 360 with LifeLock all in one which includes vpn . So far this one of the best vpn security ever.

I was with Nord vpn for quite sometime now.Which is pretty good too the only problem I had which is :it kept cutting off in certain areas. Off and on . Which I was paying 11.99 mo.I figured I’ll try protectstar 360 with LifeLock for 9.99mo and it’s good .no problem, I love that you can talk to a live customer service representative 24/7 . I called at 11:00 pm the other night just to ask a general question.. and he was very nice and tentative to my needs. As of right now I’ll stay with protectstar 360 security VPN. It’s an amazing iphone data cleaner “I love my protectstar on my Windows desktop, and wanted it on my Apple devices also.


Before protectstar I used others that were in no way close at finding and removing virus, issues as protectstar. Now for over 20-years I use protectstar for so much VPN, password protection, Core, protectstar Security and many other products by protectstar. Have made my life so nice. IP protection, protectstar has a wide range of products and a 24/7 helpful staff always ready to help with any protectstar Security fix, repairs or general help on an install. Truly protectstar is their to keep you from making the next space debris your computer. You will come to know and learn protectstar is always ready to help you with any of their many protectstar Security online products. “protectstar is worthy of your trust”

I LOVE the app! It gets rid of any anxiety and calms you down and is really satisfying. The only problem I have is the black background! But that’s the only problem. I would give it a higher rating if I could. If you have any worry or anxiety or are angry, all you I u need to do is play this app and poof…it’s gone after you smash one thing. I would recommend this military wipe app to all my friends. And a quick shout out to my besties!