How Keywords and Creatives Affect Your App

App store optimization is the process of optimizing mobile apps to gain more visibility and achieving higher rankings in the app market rank list or search results. This technique of optimization targets the audience that the app was meant for and aims to increase its downloads. Some even call ASO as Mobile App SEO as the concept of ASO is very similar to SEO. ASO has taken the world by storm and many companies around the globe are being established to help other app-based businesses optimize themselves. ASO companies in India, America, UK and many other countries are coming together to make ASO more accessible, as it is a vital means to grow apps and gain visibility. 

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Keywords and creatives are the cornerstones of ASO, that when optimized together can help convert clicks into downloads and ultimately, viewers to organic users. With about 60-70% of viewers coming to an app’s page through a simple search, creatives have a major impact on their first impression that convinces them to download the app. Inculcating effective practices and techniques can help with coming up with keywords and creatives that users will notice and engage with. Let us cover some ground on how the two can be optimized to convert clicks to downloads. 

The idea behind using keywords related to your service or business is to draw the targeted audience towards your apps. It’s important that keywords are incorporated into many elements of your app page. It must be used in the title of your app, the description, and even reviews. This consistency in the usage of keywords sets a trigger for the app store to push your app to the top of the search. Keywords and crisp writing go hand in hand when it comes to obtaining organic downloads. What we mean by this is that using your keywords, the writing must be convincing enough to make visitors want to download the app. This can boost an app’s ranking by 10%, overtaking many competitors. 

As we know it, creatives also help boost click-through rates and also draws more organic downloads. Due to its engaging nature, it attracts more users. Creatives can be further optimized to achieve better results by adapting it in the form of other features or just by regularly updating it. An important practice is to localize creatives. Since your target audience does not just speak one language, localization helps apps to cross that barrier and make itself available to everyone. Creatives must be grammatically correct else your viewers will be confused and click off! The market and its needs are changing often, and you need to keep changing your marketing strategies to tackle that. Updating your creatives periodically is a method of optimizing them. Using creatives to portray seasonal events or holidays is one way of winning potential users. For example, changing the theme of your app’s page during Christmas or Halloween can quickly grab the attention of your viewers, making them more interested in it. Watching over your competitors can also help you with incorporating creatives that have worked for, similarly. Testing and measuring your progress is of prime importance. Timely reports and analysis can show you which areas need more attention and how rankings and downloads can be further increased. Feedback from each test or assessment is valuable and its findings can help you grow your app. 

Across the globe, Best app store optimization services UK and America like Gummicube and Moburst aim to find the right audience for an app that exists. They follow numerous practices to get the most relevant keywords and to express creatives in the most effective way. Don’t forget, growth and progress do not happen overnight! It requires several days and nights of continuous testing and analysis. To begin your app optimization journey to attract users, you must first address your keywords and creatives. The optimized combination of the two can bring about a major difference to your app’s visibility and discoverability.