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Shortpedia News, in short, is one of the News apps we ever saw in a long time. When compared the other news app, this one has been proving to be the better platform for users to read and get the trending news that goes all around the world and know right now what is going on. Instead of listening to the boring news Shortpedia makes it far more superior from all the other news app out there. Shortpedia lets you know when there is an important news story and gives you the option of reading in depth for the background to quench your thirst of curiosity.

News From all the Categories

You can follow political news or entertainment if you don’t feel serious this is not my only source for written news. It is perfect for those who have no time to watch hours of news every day, this app is a great way of keeping you informed about what’s happening in the country, especially in this crazy political climate. What anyone can appreciate about Shortpedia is that the length of each item that is not too long. Also, for further reading on a particular news story, there are easy to use highlighted links taking users to similar topics.

Video Aggregated News App

The short videos bring the news stories to life on your mobile devices. It is so much more interesting and engaging than any other news app and their reporters get right to the scene of a natural disaster. Shortpedia news app is easy to use too with so much choice that you could spend hours and hours reading different news stories. This is good providing a breadth and depth to the headline stories of the day. If you like credible and accurate news then Shortpedia app is for you.

Get Your Daily Dose of News Earlier Than Everybody

Shortpedia is definitely everybody’s first choice. It is easily one of, if not the best app for available short News. It’s easy to navigate from politics to entertainment/sports/world news/headlines you will be amazed by seeing how much content on just about any subject you’d want, also you can find all the links available related to the article/subject there was. Superior in quality and in-depth even is the news are in short.

News From All Over the World

Enjoy news from anywhere and everywhere and also the current affairs. I have found Shortpedia to be one that at least tries to offer a balanced view, and in most cases does a fine job of it. It keeps you updated with everything that’s going on in the world. The notifications draw your attention to news breaks so you don’t have to wait to find out what’s happening. News is written in a way that’s clear and easy to understand with images of stills/videos alongside to describe the scene.

Shortpedia is a must for everybody and will be a part of your daily life. It is great that it frequently gives updates on any news around you to keep you updated. Other apps that gives you long news break the train of thought as they take up too much room on a phone screen, compared to the written text. Shortpedia gives you news in just the right amount you need. A much better experience. So long as the content is fresh and not take days to read them.