Look Nowhere, Your Month End Saviour is Here – Early Salary

Ever stuck with no cash at the end of the month worrying there’s nowhere else to go? Getting personal loans from banks is hectic and a lot of paperwork. What if I tell you that there’s an easy way to get Instant Personal Loans right at your fingertips. Yes, Early Salary is an app that is helping a lot of people form surviving their month-end cash requirement to personal loans. Regardless of whether it is your child’s school/college expenses or your daughter’s wedding that is approaching, applying for an instant loan on this app will help you to get instant relief from the financial worries.

Let’s see what Early Salary has in store for us and why it is the best choice:

#1 Convenience

This is one of the compelling reasons why most people have drawn towards getting a personal loan and apps like these. You can easily apply for loans while you’re at home. The app helps save time and reduce effort, the loan application process will be completely digital. From filling the required details to uploading documents, to getting your money credited to your account, every step can be done online.

#2 Attractive Interest Rate

On this app, you can avail an instant loan ranging from ₹ 3,000 to ₹ 2 Lakh on the app and they will transfer the funds to your bank account in just a few minutes. The range of cash, of course, depends on the income levels of each individual. This app offers advance salary loans at 24%-30% p.a. translating to 2% – 2.5% a month. Interest rates can change based on the tenure too. This is one of the main reason why people choose instant loan instead of credit cards when they’re in need of money and with lower interest rate.

#3 Minimal Documentation

As everything is done online, there is no need for you to even single paperwork. It saves some of your valid time and effort. EarlySalary aims at being more user-friendly to their users and it is the best Personal loan apps in India which require only up to 5 documents to get that amount credited message on your phone. Take a selfie, to make sure that you’re not a bot and rest are few of your government and bank documents such as PAN card, Address ID proof, Aadhar card, and Bank statement. You got these, then you can easily survive the cash emergency.

#4 Easy Repayment Preferences

Last but not least, repayments! If you have to repay a bank for a personal loan you have availed from them, the repayments of Instant loan would be through cheques which is not easier and convenient than doing it online. There are many payment options for you to make repayments on the loan such as via credit/debit cards, UPI, Wallet, etc.

EarlySalary understands how stressful the whole process of loan is and that is why they have worked on building a user-friendly platform as a helping hand to those struggling in financial crisis.